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Geophysical Special Conditions Addendum -
Schedule #A

36.) (additions to # 18) - The Grantee shall compensate the Grantor $2,000.00 for each and every occurrence of trespass that has/or will occur.
37.) (additions to # 24) - The Grantee shall compensate the Grantor $100.00 per item of garbage that has migrated off the demised premises.
38.) The Grantee shall disinfect all vehicles and personal foot ware prior to entry unto the demised if BSE, Foot & Mouth, Blue Nose and any other disease which may occur and/or is prevalent in the area.
39.) Emergency Response Plan must be in place.


GRANTEE_____________________________________ GRANTOR_____________________________________
and or agent of the Grantee. and or agent of the Grantor or Grantors

GRANTEE_____________________________________ GRANTOR_____________________________________
Please print name. Please print name.

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