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Alberta Surface Rights Newsletter - March, 2007

Alberta Land Agents Licensing Act
The original Land Agents Licensing Act was passed in 1968 to protect Alberta Landowners from unscrupulous Petroleum Land Agents. Since then and starting in 1980 when then Minister Clark got up in the Legislature and announced “Housekeeping Changes”, the Act has been twisted to apply to consultants that a farmer might wish to hire.  The fact that charges have been laid against Ray Strom for assisting Farmers, without a Petroleum Land Agents License is haywire.  Clearly this is not in keeping with the original intent of the act and only goes to show how big oil has corrupted the government and bureaucrats of this province.  It is a little disconcerting that our new Stelmach government has been slow to correct this wrong.

Western Barley Growers & Western Canada Wheat Growers Convention redouble their efforts and again call on Alberta Government to allow farmers to hire impartial representatives who are not beholden to petroleum Industry. Wild Rose Agricultural Producers also passed a similar resolution at their January Convention.

Strom Court Case
The court room was full of Farmers for the two days of the trial in January.  Judge Ayotte will be handing down a written judgment in the Courthouse in Vegerville on March 30.  Farmers of Alberta need to take the time to be there to bare witness whether Justice will be done. Or whether our property rights are going to be once again sold down the river.

Alberta Beef Producers have been asked to back an appeal, if need be, to restore our right to hire who ever we deem proper to defend our selves against the takings of industry.

Pipeline Abandonment & Annual Compensation
As custodians of the land we should not put up with government allowing Pipelines to be abandoned by resource companies and still remain buried and thus presenting themselves as a liability to both the Landowner and the tax Payer of the future.

Also the recurring adverse effects and loss of use incurred by Landowners on these Pipelines should be compensated for on an annual basis as these effects are ongoing.

Bad Surface Rights Board Decisions on Transmission Lines
Go to Surface Rights Board Web Page link below and look under transmission Lines for decisions:   2004 – 0010 and 2004 – 0013.

Here the board has awarded that the costs the Power Company has incurred during the hearing process, shall be paid by the Landowner.  Frankly they can get away with rotten decisions like this only because we let them, we fail to pay attention to their decisions, we fail to stand on guard for ourselves.  We fail to hold government Accountable.

MD of Taber Tax Recovery Land
The MD of Taber is currently in the process of seizing and selling Tax recovery lands in that MD that have been operated by many families there as grazing leases since the 1930’s, when they were abandoned by the original homesteaders.  These lands are being sold to the highest bid with no consideration being given to those who have leased these lands for decades, or for the improvements they have made over the years.  Another case of government abuse for the good of the many or the moneyed. 

Property Rights Resolutions
Property Rights Resolutions calling on the Government of Alberta to entrench our common Property Rights in the province, have been passed by ASRF, Western Stock Growers Association, Alberta Grazing Leaseholders Association and three P.C. Constituency Associations in rural Alberta. 



Now is the time for you to Press your local MLA for  protection of our Property Rights in this province. 

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