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Buried objects photo
Lease flood
night flaring photo
oiling the road

Buried Objects: an abandoned and forgotten well casing can restrict the landowner's use of land in future years by appearing in the middle of a project.

Lease Flood: shows poor planning of a wellsite location with no regard for runoff patterns.

Night Flaring: some companies get around the "no flaring" regulation by flaring in the middle of the night so no one will report them.

Oiling the Road: shows careless maintenance of equipment that leads to spills and ground pollution.

Oil squirt photo pond scenes pumping salt photo seismic hole

Oil squirt: careless maintenance of equipment leads to leaks and soil pollution.

Pond Scenes: companies misrepresent the location of the well and trick the EUB into issuing well licenses for unsuitable locations.

Pumping Salt: careless maintenance causing soil pollution by leaking equipment.

Seismic Hole: a seismic hole that the plug blew out of when too large a charge was used for soil conditions. The hole was left unplugged allowing possible contamination of ground water in shallow water aquifer areas.

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If you have pictures you would like to share contact: John & Colleen Aplin at:  780-875-8113.

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