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FRIDAY, February 21, 2020


Registration: $30

Includes Buffet Lunch and Coffee

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The Alberta Surface Rights Federation came into being in April of 1981.  It was formed through a series of meetings by representatives from several grass roots Surface Rights groups that had sprung up in local communities affected by oil and gas development through out Alberta.  The fact that the Surface Rights Act was being reviewed also prompted the creation of the Federation. 

Helmut Entrup, the first (and some would say the last) Farmers Advocate, devoted his time and energy to help this organization get started.  He was not afraid to rattle the cages of Industry personnel in down town Calgary office towers, and often he did so, at considerable risk to his own career.

The Federation was successful in negotiating an annual compensation on pipelines with Nova Corporation and this became known as the Nova Formula.  Unfortunately Landowner preoccupation with big upfront payments for pipelines has resulted in this precedent being sidelined for the last two decades. 

In 1982 Alban Bugej began editing a newsletter of Federation news and did so until his passing in 1996.

Surface Rights issues are once again emerging as a dominant bone of contention in Rural Alberta, as we observe the massive transference of the wealth of Rural Alberta, being moved by government and Industry to Urban centers.

This Web site is an effort to reconnect rural Alberta and mount a defense against the takings and trespasses of Big Government and Big Oil, upon our shared cultural values and Property Rights, in Rural Alberta.

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